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Turkey, a captivating country at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, is a nation of unparalleled diversity, combining a rich history with a vibrant contemporary atmosphere. Situated strategically, Turkey’s geography is a unique blend of stunning landscapes, diverse cultures, and a rich tapestry of historical heritage.

Geographically, Turkey offers a remarkable variety of terrains. Its southwestern coastline along the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas boasts some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters. In contrast, the rugged beauty of the Anatolian Plateau dominates the central part of the country, showcasing high plateaus, mountains, and captivating valleys.

Turkey’s strategic location plays a pivotal role in its historical and cultural significance. The country shares borders with eight nations, making it a melting pot of influences and a dynamic crossroads for civilizations. Over millennia, the Hittites, Phrygians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, and Ottomans have all left their indelible marks on Turkey’s landscape and culture.

A traveler’s guide to Turkey is a captivating journey through time. Istanbul, the country’s largest city, is a living testament to this rich history. It straddles two continents and is adorned with iconic landmarks like the Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, and the Topkapi Palace. The city’s bustling bazaars, like the Grand Bazaar and the Spice Bazaar, offer a sensory feast of colors, aromas, and traditions.

Turkey’s culture is a captivating mosaic of diverse influences. The legacy of the Ottoman Empire is omnipresent, with architectural marvels, intricate tile work, and ornate palaces scattered throughout the country. Yet, Turkey’s culture is not confined to its past; it is a dynamic blend of tradition and modernity. Visitors can witness this fusion in the lively arts scene, contemporary fashion, and thriving culinary innovations.

Speaking of cuisine, Turkish food is a delightful journey for the palate. From succulent kebabs, fresh seafood along the coast, to the sweet pleasures of baklava and Turkish delight, the country’s cuisine offers an array of flavors and textures to explore. Don’t forget to savor the rich flavors of Turkish tea and the robustness of traditional Turkish coffee.

Popular places and attractions in Turkey are as diverse as its culture and geography. The surreal landscapes of Cappadocia, with its unique rock formations and hot air balloon rides, are a must-see. The travertine terraces of Pamukkale, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are another natural wonder that beckons travelers. History enthusiasts will find ancient treasures in places like Ephesus, Troy, and the underground cities of Derinkuyu and Kaymaklı.

Turkey’s popularity extends to its regions, each offering unique experiences. The Turquoise Coast, with its stunning beaches and vibrant nightlife, attracts sun-seekers and water enthusiasts. In contrast, the historical wonders of Ephesus and Aphrodisias are a haven for archaeology enthusiasts. And the otherworldly landscapes of Cappadocia, with its cave dwellings and fairy chimneys, are an adventure for the curious traveler.

Accommodation options in Turkey are diverse, catering to various preferences. From luxurious beachfront resorts in Bodrum to charming boutique hotels in Istanbul’s historic neighborhoods, there is a wide range of choices. Families can find comfort in family-friendly accommodations, tennis enthusiasts can enjoy top-notch resorts with tennis facilities, and those seeking tranquility can relax in adult-only hotels.

Families can indulge in a variety of activities, from exploring ancient ruins to enjoying water parks and family-friendly resorts. For tennis enthusiasts, Turkey hosts prestigious tournaments and resorts with world-class facilities. And if you seek a tranquil, adult-oriented experience, Turkey offers upscale adult-only hotels where you can unwind in peace.

Turkey’s excursions and tours offer opportunities to delve deeper into its rich history and natural beauty. Guided tours to historical sites, hot air balloon rides over Cappadocia, boat trips along the scenic coastline, and culinary adventures to explore Turkish flavors are just a glimpse of the endless possibilities awaiting travelers in this captivating country. In summary, Turkey is a nation of contrasts, where history meets modernity, tradition blends with innovation, and stunning landscapes beckon adventurers. With its rich culture, diverse geography, and warm hospitality, it promises an unforgettable experience for travelers from around the world.

Turkey boasts diverse landscapes, from stunning coastal areas along the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas to the rugged beauty of the Anatolian Plateau. It also shares its borders with eight countries, making it a dynamic crossroads for cultures.

Travel Guide to Egypt

Egypt, a land of ancient wonders and modern charm, beckons travelers from around the world. With its rich history, diverse landscapes, and cultural treasures, Egypt offers a captivating experience. Whether you’re fascinated by ancient pyramids or looking for Red Sea adventures, Egypt has something for everyone.

1. Historical Marvels:

  • Pyramids of Giza: Witness the iconic Pyramids of Giza, including the Great Pyramid, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
  • Sphinx: Explore the enigmatic Sphinx, guarding the pyramids for centuries.
  • Luxor: Visit Luxor’s temples and the Valley of the Kings, where pharaohs were laid to rest.

2. Nile River Cruises:

  • Embark on a Nile River cruise to witness life along the world’s longest river.
  • Discover temples and tombs as you sail between Luxor and Aswan.

3. Red Sea Adventures:

  • Dive into the Red Sea’s crystal-clear waters for world-class snorkeling and scuba diving.
  • Explore vibrant coral reefs and encounter diverse marine life.

4. Sharm El Sheikh:

  • Enjoy the lively nightlife, shopping, and dining in this popular Red Sea resort town.
  • Water sports enthusiasts can indulge in activities like windsurfing and parasailing.

5. Luxor:

  • Explore the open-air museum of Luxor, home to ancient temples and historical treasures.
  • Don’t miss the Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple Complex, and the Colossi of Memnon.

6. Cultural Experiences:

  • Savor traditional Egyptian cuisine, including dishes like koshari and falafel.
  • Experience an authentic tea ceremony and try shisha (hookah) at local cafes.

7. Egyptian Museum, Cairo:

  • Admire the vast collection of artifacts, mummies, and treasures from ancient Egypt.
  • Marvel at the golden mask of Tutankhamun.

8. Alexandria:

  • Visit the coastal city of Alexandria, known for its historical sites like the Citadel of Qaitbay.
  • Explore the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, a modern tribute to the ancient Library of Alexandria.

9. Siwa Oasis:

  • Venture into the remote Siwa Oasis, an off-the-beaten-path destination.
  • Enjoy its natural springs, desert landscapes, and the Oracle Temple of Amun.

10. Safety and Travel Tips:

  • Egypt is generally safe for tourists, but it’s advisable to stay informed about current travel advisories.
  • Respect local customs and dress modestly, especially in conservative areas.

11. Visa Requirements:

  • Check Egypt’s visa requirements before traveling. Tourist visas are typically available on arrival.

12. Weather and Best Time to Visit:

  • Egypt has a desert climate with hot summers and mild winters. The best time to visit is from October to April when the weather is more pleasant for outdoor activities.

13. Language:

  • Arabic is the official language, but English is widely understood in tourist areas.

14. Currency:

  • The Egyptian Pound (EGP) is the official currency. Credit cards are widely accepted.

15. Local Souvenirs:

  • Shop for souvenirs like papyrus art, traditional jewelry, and fragrant spices in local markets (souks).

16. Health and Safety:

  • Stay hydrated, use sunscreen, and follow health precautions when exploring the desert or taking part in water sports.

17. COVID-19 Information:

  • Stay updated on COVID-19 travel regulations and safety measures in Egypt.

With its ancient treasures, vibrant culture, and natural beauty, Egypt invites travelers to embark on a journey through time and immerse themselves in its captivating history and landscapes.

Turkish culture is a mosaic of influences, blending elements from various civilizations that once called this land home. From the grandeur of the Ottoman Empire to the mystique of ancient Anatolia, Turkey offers a captivating journey through time. Turkish cuisine is equally diverse, with dishes like kebabs, baklava, and Turkish delight that tantalize the taste buds.

tanbul – The Jewel of the Bosphorus: Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city, straddles two continents and is a treasure trove of historical and cultural wonders. Explore the magnificent Hagia Sophia, a symbol of Byzantine grandeur, and the awe-inspiring Blue Mosque with its intricate blue tiles. Don’t miss the Topkapi Palace, home to Ottoman sultans, and the Grand Bazaar, a labyrinth of shops offering everything from spices to textiles.

Cappadocia – The Surreal Wonderland: Cappadocia is famous for its otherworldly landscapes characterized by bizarre rock formations and cave dwellings. Take a hot air balloon ride at dawn for a mesmerizing view of the “fairy chimneys.” Explore the underground cities of Derinkuyu and Kaymaklı, which once housed thousands of people.

Pamukkale – The Cotton Castle: Pamukkale, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, boasts terraces of white, mineral-rich thermal waters cascading down the hillside. These terraces, formed over centuries, create a surreal and visually stunning natural wonder. The ancient city of Hierapolis, with its well-preserved ruins, is also worth a visit.

Ephesus – Ancient Roman Splendor: Ephesus is one of the best-preserved ancient cities in the world. Walk along the marble streets and explore the Library of Celsus, the Temple of Artemis, and the Great Theatre, which once held 25,000 spectators. The history and grandeur of Ephesus are awe-inspiring.

Troy – The Legendary City: Troy, the legendary city from Homer’s “Iliad,” is an archaeological site that offers a glimpse into ancient history and mythology. Explore the ruins of this ancient city and discover its rich history and the famous Trojan Horse.

Antalya – The Turquoise Gem: Antalya, located on the Turquoise Coast, is known for its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant nightlife. The old town, Kaleici, is a charming maze of narrow streets and historic buildings. Nearby attractions include the ancient cities of Perge and Aspendos.

Pergamon – Ancient Acropolis: Pergamon, an ancient Greek city, boasts an impressive Acropolis with well-preserved temples, a theater, and a library. The city also has a fascinating Asclepius Sanctuary, dedicated to the god of healing.

Cesme – Beach Paradise: Cesme, on the western coast of Turkey, offers beautiful beaches and a relaxed Mediterranean atmosphere. The town is also known for its thermal baths and vibrant marina.

Göreme National Park and the Rock Sites of Cappadocia: This UNESCO World Heritage Site encompasses the unique landscapes of Cappadocia. Explore the extraordinary rock formations, cave churches, and monasteries carved into the soft rock. Göreme Open-Air Museum is a must-visit.

Mount Ararat – The Legendary Peak: Mount Ararat, the highest peak in Turkey, is shrouded in legend as the possible resting place of Noah’s Ark. Adventurous hikers can attempt to summit this majestic mountain.

Ankara – The Capital of Turkey: Ankara, the capital city, offers a different perspective on Turkish culture and history. Explore the Atatürk Mausoleum, the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, and the old citadel.

Pamukkale – The Cotton Castle: Pamukkale, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, boasts terraces of white, mineral-rich thermal waters cascading down the hillside. These terraces, formed over centuries, create a surreal and visually stunning natural wonder. The ancient city of Hierapolis, with its well-preserved ruins, is also worth a visit.

These are just a few of the popular places and attractions that make Turkey a diverse and captivating destination for travelers from around the world. Whether you’re drawn to historical sites, natural wonders, or coastal paradises, Turkey has something to offer for every type of adventurer.

  • Istanbul:

    • Region Description: Istanbul is Turkey’s largest city and a vibrant metropolis known for its historical significance and modern allure.
    • Highlights: Explore the historic Sultanahmet district, visit iconic landmarks like the Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque, and experience the bustling markets and vibrant nightlife.
  • Cappadocia:

    • Region Description: Cappadocia, located in central Turkey, is famous for its surreal landscapes, cave dwellings, and hot air balloon rides.
    • Highlights: Take a hot air balloon ride over the fairy chimneys, explore underground cities, and visit the Goreme Open-Air Museum with its rock-cut churches.
  • Antalya and the Turquoise Coast:

    • Region Description: The Turquoise Coast in southwestern Turkey boasts stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and historical sites.
    • Highlights: Relax on beautiful Mediterranean beaches, explore the ancient city of Perge, and visit the charming old town of Kaleici in Antalya.
  • Aegean Coast:

    • Region Description: The Aegean Coast is renowned for its historical sites, charming coastal towns, and pristine beaches.
    • Highlights: Explore the ancient city of Ephesus, relax on the beaches of Bodrum, and visit the picturesque town of Fethiye.
  • Pamukkale and Denizli:

    • Region Description: Pamukkale, in southwestern Turkey, is famous for its white terraces of thermal waters.
    • Highlights: Witness the surreal beauty of Pamukkale’s terraces, explore the ancient city of Hierapolis, and visit the nearby travertines.
  • Cesme and the Izmir Province:

    • Region Description: Cesme, located on the western coast, is known for its beaches, thermal baths, and lively marina.
    • Highlights: Enjoy the sandy beaches, soak in thermal baths, and explore the charming town of Cesme.
  • Cilicia and the Mediterranean Coast:

    • Region Description: Cilicia offers a blend of historical sites, natural beauty, and coastal allure along the Mediterranean.
    • Highlights: Visit the ancient city of Tarsus, relax on Mediterranean beaches, and explore the coastal towns of Mersin and Adana.
  • Black Sea Coast:

    • Region Description: The Black Sea Coast is characterized by lush green landscapes, tea plantations, and a distinct cultural identity.
    • Highlights: Explore the historic town of Trabzon, visit the Sumela Monastery, and enjoy the natural beauty of the region.
  • Eastern Anatolia:

    • Region Description: Eastern Anatolia is known for its rugged terrain, ancient history, and diverse cultures.
    • Highlights: Discover the ancient city of Ani, explore the stunning landscapes around Mount Ararat, and experience the rich cultural heritage of the region.
  • Marmara Region:

    • Region Description: The Marmara Region, centered around Istanbul, offers a mix of historical sites, natural beauty, and modern attractions.
    • Highlights: Visit the Princes’ Islands, explore the Bursa’s Ottoman heritage, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Istanbul.


  1. The Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Sultanahmet: A luxurious hotel in Sultanahmet, offering stunning views of historic landmarks.
  2. The Ritz-Carlton Istanbul: Overlooking the Bosphorus, known for its elegance and top-notch amenities.
  3. Hotel Amira Istanbul: A charming boutique hotel in Sultanahmet with comfortable rooms.
  4. Sultanahmet Palace Hotel: Conveniently located near major historical sites.
  5. The Marmara Taksim: A landmark hotel in bustling Taksim Square with panoramic city views.
  6. Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet: A five-star luxury hotel with Ottoman-inspired decor and excellent dining.
  7. Sumahan on the Water: A boutique hotel on the Bosphorus shore, offering a tranquil escape.
  8. Radisson Blu Hotel Istanbul Pera: A modern hotel in the historic Pera district with stunning views.
  9. The Grand Tarabya: A luxurious waterfront hotel on the European side of Istanbul.
  10. Hotel Amira Istanbul: A boutique hotel with cozy rooms and a warm atmosphere.

Cappadocia: 11. Museum Hotel: A unique cave hotel known for its art, history, and breathtaking views.

  1. Argos in Cappadocia: A boutique hotel set in an ancient monastery, offering tranquility.
  2. Sultan Cave Suites: A cave-style hotel with a terrace and hot air balloon views.
  3. Kayakapi Premium Caves – Cappadocia: A historic cave hotel with modern amenities.
  4. Taskonaklar Boutique Hotel: A charming boutique hotel in Uchisar, Cappadocia.

Antalya and the Turquoise Coast: 16. Mardan Palace: A luxurious resort known for its opulence and stunning architecture.

  1. Maxx Royal Belek Golf Resort: A beachfront resort with golf courses and exceptional amenities.
  2. Hillside Beach Club: A family-friendly resort with beautiful beaches and water sports.
  3. D-Hotel Maris: A secluded resort on the Datca Peninsula, ideal for relaxation.
  4. The Marmara Antalya: A unique revolving hotel with panoramic sea views.

Aegean Coast: 21. Swissotel Grand Efes Izmir: A luxury hotel in Izmir offering a blend of modernity and tradition.

  1. Mandarin Oriental Bodrum: A high-end resort on the Bodrum Peninsula, known for its luxury.
  2. Macakizi Hotel: A chic boutique hotel with a lively atmosphere in Bodrum.
  3. Alavya Hotel: A stylish boutique hotel in Alacati, known for its design and comfort.
  4. Dionysos Hotel – Didim: A family-friendly beachfront resort in Didim.

Pamukkale and Denizli: 26. Doga Thermal Health & Spa: A thermal spa hotel offering relaxation and wellness.

  1. Venus Suite Hotel: A comfortable and convenient choice in Pamukkale.
  2. Melrose House Hotel: A boutique hotel with a welcoming atmosphere in Pamukkale.
  3. Hotel Hal-Tur: A family-friendly option in Pamukkale.
  4. Richmond Pamukkale Thermal Hotel: A thermal spa hotel with a range of amenities.

Cesme and the Izmir Province: 31. Cesme Marigold Hotel: A cozy hotel in Cesme with a friendly ambiance.

  1. Sisus Hotel Cesme: A beachfront hotel known for its water sports and activities.
  2. Radisson Blu Resort & Spa Cesme: A luxury resort offering relaxation and wellness.
  3. Alacati Tas Otel: A charming boutique hotel in Alacati with character.
  4. Alaçatı Kapari Hotel: A boutique hotel with a mix of modern and traditional design.

Cilicia and the Mediterranean Coast: 36. Ela Quality Resort Belek: A family-friendly all-inclusive resort in Belek.

  1. Regnum Carya Golf & Spa Resort: A luxury resort with golf courses and diverse amenities.
  2. Hillside Su Hotel Antalya: A stylish hotel in Antalya with a modern design.
  3. Hotel Su & Aqualand: A hotel with a water park for family fun in Antalya.
  4. Adana HiltonSA: A well-appointed hotel in Adana’s city center.

Black Sea Coast: 41. Zorlu Grand Hotel Trabzon: A luxury hotel in Trabzon with comfortable accommodations.

  1. Novotel Trabzon: A modern hotel with a convenient location in Trabzon.
  2. Hampton by Hilton Ordu: A comfortable and reliable choice in Ordu.
  3. Riva Trabzon Hotel: A waterfront hotel offering scenic views in Trabzon.
  4. Horon Hotel: A budget-friendly option with a warm welcome in Trabzon.

Eastern Anatolia: 46. Grand Urfa Hotel: A comfortable choice in Sanliurfa with a central location.

  1. Nemrut Kervansaray Hotel: A unique hotel offering access to Mount Nemrut.
  2. Anadolu Evleri: Charming traditional accommodations in Mardin.
  3. Hotel Serdar: A comfortable hotel in Van with beautiful lake views.
  4. Ulu Camii Hotel: A budget-friendly choice in Diyarbakir near the Grand Mosque.
  1. 1. Explore Ancient Ruins:

    • Turkey is rich in historical sites that can captivate both adults and children. Visit places like Ephesus, where you can walk through ancient streets, temples, and theaters that date back to Roman times. Kids will love the opportunity to step back in time and imagine life in the past.

    2. Pamukkale’s Terraces and Thermal Pools:

    • Pamukkale’s terraces of thermal waters, often referred to as the “Cotton Castle,” are a natural wonder that both kids and adults can appreciate. The opportunity to wade in the warm, mineral-rich pools is a unique and fun experience.

    3. Water Parks:

    • Many of Turkey’s popular tourist destinations, such as Antalya, Bodrum, and Belek, have water parks that provide endless entertainment for families. Enjoy thrilling water slides, lazy rivers, and wave pools in a safe and supervised environment.

    4. Beach Fun:

    • Turkey boasts beautiful beaches along its coastlines. Spend quality time building sandcastles, playing beach volleyball, or simply relaxing by the sea. Many beachfront resorts offer water sports and activities suitable for all ages.

    5. Boat Trips and Blue Cruises:

    • Take a family boat trip along the scenic Turkish coastline or embark on a Blue Cruise (gulet cruise) from places like Bodrum or Fethiye. These cruises offer a mix of relaxation, swimming, and exploring picturesque bays and islands.

    6. Turkish Cooking Classes:

    • Engage the whole family in a Turkish cooking class, where you can learn to prepare traditional dishes like kebabs, baklava, or Turkish delight. It’s an interactive and delicious experience.

    7. Butterfly Valley:

    • Located near Fethiye, Butterfly Valley is a natural paradise where you can spot numerous butterfly species. It’s an ideal place for a family hike, and the sight of butterflies fluttering around is enchanting for children.

    8. Horseback Riding:

    • Horseback riding is a family-friendly activity available in many regions of Turkey. Children and adults can enjoy leisurely rides through scenic landscapes or even go on horseback tours in Cappadocia’s unique terrain.

    9. Visit a Turkish Village:

    • Explore a traditional Turkish village, where kids can interact with local villagers, see farm animals, and gain insight into rural life. It’s an educational and cultural experience.

    10. Turkish Night Shows:

    • Many resorts offer Turkish night shows featuring traditional music, dance, and entertainment. Kids can enjoy the lively performances, and some shows even encourage audience participation.

    11. Butterfly Park in Antalya:

    • Antalya’s Butterfly Park is home to various butterfly species and lush gardens. It’s an educational and visually appealing attraction suitable for families.

    12. Visit a Turkish Hammam:

    • Introduce your family to the Turkish hammam experience, where relaxation and cleansing are combined. Some hammams offer family-friendly options.

    13. Paragliding in Oludeniz:

    • Older children and teens can enjoy the thrill of tandem paragliding in Oludeniz, taking off from Babadag Mountain and soaring over the stunning Blue Lagoon.

    14. Underwater World Aquarium in Antalya:

    • Explore the underwater world at the Antalya Aquarium, which features a tunnel aquarium and a range of marine life, providing an educational and entertaining experience for kids.

    15. Mini Golf and Amusement Parks:

    • Many tourist areas have mini golf courses and small amusement parks with rides and games suitable for children.

Antalya and the Turquoise Coast:

  1. Delphin Imperial Lara: Located in Lara Beach, this all-inclusive resort features an extensive water park with slides, lazy rivers, and pools suitable for all ages. The hotel offers a variety of amenities and entertainment options for families.

  2. Crystal Waterworld Resort & Spa: Situated in Belek, this resort boasts a large aqua park with twisting slides, a wave pool, and a pirate ship for young adventurers. It offers a comprehensive family vacation experience.

Aegean Coast: 3. Aqua Fantasy Aquapark Hotel & Spa: Located in Kusadasi, this resort is famous for its expansive water park, which includes thrilling slides and a lazy river. With a variety of restaurants and entertainment options, it’s perfect for families.

  1. Adaland Aquapark Hotel: Also in Kusadasi, this hotel offers access to the nearby Adaland Aquapark, where guests can enjoy a day filled with water-based excitement. The hotel provides comfortable accommodations and family-friendly amenities.

Marmara Region: 5. The Land of Legends Kingdom Hotel: Situated in Belek, this unique resort is home to the Land of Legends Theme Park and a water park with an array of slides and attractions. Families can enjoy theme park rides and a variety of entertainment options.

Cesme and the Izmir Province: 6. Euphoria Aegean Resort & Spa: This Cesme-based resort features a water park with slides and pools for both children and adults. It’s a great option for families looking to explore the Izmir region while enjoying water park fun.

Cilicia and the Mediterranean Coast: 7. Rixos Sungate: Located in Kemer, this resort boasts a vast aqua park complex with numerous slides and pools. It’s known for its family-friendly atmosphere and a wide range of amenities.

Black Sea Coast: 8. Sunis Elita Beach Resort Hotel & Spa: Situated in Alanya, this resort offers a water park with slides and splash pools, making it a popular choice for families visiting the Black Sea Coast.

Istanbul: 9. The Marmara Taksim: While not a water park resort, this hotel in the heart of Istanbul offers easy access to the city’s attractions. Families can explore the historical sites of Istanbul and enjoy the city’s culture.

Cappadocia: 10. Cappadocia Cave Suites: Although Cappadocia doesn’t have water parks, it offers unique experiences like hot air balloon rides and cave accommodations, making it an exciting destination for families interested in exploration and adventure.

  1. 1. Hot Air Balloon Ride in Cappadocia:

    • Soar above the surreal landscapes of Cappadocia and witness the fairy chimneys and rock-cut churches from a unique perspective.

    2. Bosphorus Cruise in Istanbul:

    • Cruise along the Bosphorus Strait, admiring the stunning views of Istanbul’s historic sites, palaces, and charming neighborhoods.

    3. Ephesus Archaeological Site:

    • Explore the ancient ruins of Ephesus, including the Library of Celsus and the Temple of Artemis, on a guided tour.

    4. Pamukkale Travertines and Hierapolis:

    • Visit the white terraces of Pamukkale and explore the ancient city of Hierapolis, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

    5. Troy and Gallipoli Tours:

    • Discover the legendary city of Troy and the historic battlefields of Gallipoli on a guided tour.

    6. Cappadocia Underground Cities:

    • Descend into the underground cities of Kaymakli and Derinkuyu, which once provided refuge for ancient civilizations.

    7. Pergamon Acropolis:

    • Explore the ancient Acropolis of Pergamon, known for its stunning temples and impressive theater.

    8. Sumela Monastery:

    • Hike to the breathtaking Sumela Monastery, perched on a cliff in the Trabzon region.

    9. Aphrodisias Archaeological Site:

    • Visit the well-preserved ancient city of Aphrodisias, dedicated to the goddess Aphrodite, and admire its exquisite marble sculptures.

    10. Antalya Old Town and Waterfalls: – Stroll through the charming old town of Antalya, and then explore the nearby Duden Waterfalls.

    11. Mount Ararat Expedition: – Embark on a challenging trek to Mount Ararat, Turkey’s highest peak, with experienced guides.

    12. Ani, the City of 1001 Churches: – Explore the historic city of Ani, known for its numerous medieval churches, on the Armenian border.

    13. Gocek Islands Boat Tour: – Sail through the pristine waters of the Gocek Islands, stopping at secluded coves and bays.

    14. Alacati Wind Surfing: – Try wind surfing in Alacati, a popular spot for water sports enthusiasts.

    15. Perge and Aspendos Day Trip: – Visit the ancient city of Perge and the well-preserved Aspendos Theater, known for its acoustics.

    16. Nemrut Mountain Sunrise Tour: – Witness the majestic statues and sunrise views at Mount Nemrut, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    17. Karadeniz (Black Sea) Region Exploration: – Explore the scenic Black Sea coast, visit picturesque fishing villages, and enjoy fresh seafood.

    18. Mardin Cultural Tour: – Immerse yourself in the unique culture and architecture of Mardin, a city with a rich history.

    19. Gocek 12 Islands Cruise: – Enjoy a relaxing cruise through the 12 Islands of Gocek, where you can swim and snorkel in crystal-clear waters.

    20. Whirling Dervishes Ceremony: – Experience the mesmerizing Sufi ritual of the Whirling Dervishes in Konya, an expression of spiritual devotion.

Turkey’s picturesque coastlines offer a plethora of family-friendly hotels, each with its unique charm, amenities, and activities. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing beachfront resort, an all-inclusive experience, or a hotel with exciting kids’ clubs, Turkey has options to suit every family’s needs. Here are some top family-friendly hotels on the Turkish coast:

Antalya and the Turquoise Coast:

  1. Delphin Imperial Lara: Located on Lara Beach, this all-inclusive resort boasts an extensive water park and numerous pools, perfect for families. It offers a range of restaurants, entertainment, and a kids’ club.

  2. Rixos Sungate: Set in Kemer, this family-friendly resort features a water park, a private beach, and a wide array of activities. The kids’ club offers entertainment for children of all ages.

  3. Crystal Sunset Luxury Resort & Spa: Situated in Side, this resort offers spacious family rooms, a mini club, water slides, and a beautiful beachfront location.

  4. Adalya Elite Lara Hotel: A beachfront resort in Lara Beach, this hotel provides family rooms, a water park, and a host of activities for both kids and adults.

Aegean Coast:

  1. Aqua Fantasy Aquapark Hotel & Spa: Located in Kusadasi, this resort features a large water park, a sandy beach, and a variety of dining options. It’s a great choice for families looking for aquatic adventures.

  2. Richmond Ephesus Resort: Situated near Kusadasi, this resort offers a private beach, multiple pools, and a kids’ club. The ancient city of Ephesus is also nearby for historical exploration.

Marmara Region:

  1. The Land of Legends Kingdom Hotel: Located in Belek, this unique resort combines a theme park with a water park, making it an ideal destination for families seeking adventure and entertainment.

Cesme and the Izmir Province:

  1. Euphoria Aegean Resort & Spa: This Cesme-based resort features a water park, kids’ club, and an array of family-oriented activities. The beautiful beach is perfect for relaxation and water sports.

Cilicia and the Mediterranean Coast:

  1. Ela Quality Resort Belek: Situated in Belek, this all-inclusive resort offers a water park, private beach, and numerous dining options. It’s suitable for families seeking luxury and relaxation.

Black Sea Coast:

  1. Sentido Perissia: Located in Side, this family-friendly hotel has a water park, a sandy beach, and a variety of amenities for both kids and adults.

Tennis is a popular sport and hobby that many people engage in during their leisure time. In Turkey, you will find not only beautiful resorts but also a variety of tennis events and hotels with extensive tennis facilities. Let’s explore some of them in different regions of Turkey.

Antalya and the Turkish Riviera:

Tennis Tournaments and Events:

  • Turkish Airlines Tennis Antalya Open: This professional tennis tournament takes place in Antalya and is part of the ATP World Tour 250 category. It usually occurs in June and attracts top tennis players from around the world.

Hotels with Tennis Courts:

  1. Rixos Premium Belek: This luxurious resort in Belek offers several tennis courts, including artificial grass courts. The hotel also organizes lessons and tournaments for guests.

  2. Regnum Carya Golf & Spa Resort: This hotel boasts high-quality tennis courts and experienced instructors. You can book lessons to improve your tennis skills.

Aegean Coast:

Tennis Tournaments and Events:

  • Turkey F20 Futures: This international tennis tournament usually takes place in Izmir during the summer months and attracts young professional players.

Hotels with Tennis Courts: 3. Swissotel Grand Efes Izmir: This hotel in Izmir provides guests with tennis courts overlooking the sea and the city. Coaches are also available for lessons.

  1. Mandarin Oriental Bodrum: Located on the Bodrum Peninsula, this luxurious hotel offers tennis courts with stunning views of the Aegean Sea. Individual lessons can be arranged.


Tennis Tournaments and Events:

  • There are no professional tennis tournaments in Cappadocia, but the region attracts tennis enthusiasts with its unique atmosphere.

Hotels with Tennis Courts: 5. Cappadocia Cave Suites: While not a tennis resort, many guests enjoy playing on the hotel’s private tennis courts in this unique property.

Kemer and the Mediterranean Coast:

Tennis Tournaments and Events:

  • There are no major professional tennis tournaments in this region, but you can enjoy tennis at hotels with good facilities.

Hotels with Tennis Courts: 6. Rixos Sungate: This luxury resort in Belek offers several tennis courts with artificial grass surfaces.

  1. Maxx Royal Belek Golf Resort: Here, you will find excellent tennis courts and instructors to help you improve your skills.

Tennis tournaments and hotels with tennis courts provide an excellent opportunity to combine leisure and an active lifestyle. Please note that events and tournaments may change from year to year, so it is recommended to check the current dates and tournament information before planning your trip.

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Turkey is a remarkable country that encompasses diverse regions and offers a plethora of tourism opportunities. Its hotel resorts and regions provide a wide range of experiences, considering both their similarities and differences in the tourism landscape.

Regions and Hotels:

1. Turkish Riviera (Antalya, Belek, Side):

  • Similarities: Golden beaches, warm Mediterranean waters, and numerous all-inclusive resorts make this region appealing to sun-seekers. Hotels like Rixos Premium Belek and Delphin Imperial Lara offer luxurious accommodations and water parks.
  • Differences: Ancient ruins and historical landmarks, such as the city of Ephesus and Aspendos, add a cultural dimension to the beachside relaxation.

2. Aegean Coast (Bodrum, Kusadasi, Fethiye):

  • Similarities: Crystal-clear waters of the Aegean Sea and charming seaside towns attract tourists. Hotels like Mandarin Oriental Bodrum and Swissotel Resort Bodrum Beach are popular choices for luxurious getaways.
  • Differences: The region is known for its picturesque beaches and ancient sites, such as the city of Troy and Dalyan.

3. Cappadocia:

  • Similarities: Unique rock formations, cave cities, and hot air ballooning make Cappadocia a magical destination. Hotels like Cappadocia Cave Suites provide one-of-a-kind cave accommodations.
  • Differences: This region is renowned for its distinctive natural beauty and the opportunity to take hot air balloon rides.

4. Istanbul:

  • Similarities: Historic landmarks like Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque draw tourists. Hotels like Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Sultanahmet offer luxurious stays in the heart of history.
  • Differences: Istanbul is a bustling metropolis with a rich history and cultural heritage, while other regions offer natural beauty and beachside relaxation.

5. Dalaman (Dalaman-Sarigerme Region):

  • Similarities: Resorts with a wide range of entertainment and cozy beaches can be found here. Hilton Dalaman Sarigerme Resort & Spa is one popular hotel.
  • Differences: The region is renowned for its natural beauty, including the famous Iztuzu Beach, a nesting ground for loggerhead sea turtles.

Notable Features:

  • Cuisine: Turkish cuisine is exceptional throughout the country, offering delights like kebabs, baklava, and Turkish tea.
  • Cultural Heritage: Turkey is rich in cultural landmarks, including archaeological sites and ancient cities.
  • Active Recreation: Options for active vacations include hiking in the mountains, engaging in water sports, and experiencing hot air balloon rides.
  • Hospitality: Turkey is known for its warm hospitality and high levels of service in hotels.

Turkey is a remarkable destination where every traveler can find something to suit their tastes. Whether it’s historical landmarks, beautiful beaches, or unique natural landscapes, this country promises an unforgettable experience for all.

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